Just on a whimsy...

I'm sitting in my room, playing bubble trouble on my laptop, resisting the urge to IM Ryan, waiting for my cousin to come to my house, and being all around bored, when I remembered that I never posted up a full schedule of my day like I did last year (9th grade, not 2005). So here it is:

1- Wake up at around 5:50. This is not the actual time my alarm clock is set for, that's just a little strange. My alarm clock is simply 10 to 12 minutes fast, so that if it's set for 6:00, and I get out of bed a minute or two later, I'm really getting up at 5:50.

2- Get dressed, eat breakfast, pack my lunch, school bag, etc, etc. This usually takes me about an hour, so that I'm out the door and at my bus stop by 7.

3- The bus picks me up, and we get to school at about 7:10. I go to my locker, then to my friends locker, and hang out until the first bell rings at 7:24.

[Just a note before I get into my class schedule: All my classes are a ton of fun, however, for very different reasons, which are included in my description]

4- First Period: Art (7:28-8:15). Basically, this is just a chill class. We do have to do work and stuff, but we can chat and hang out while we're doing it.
Reason class is fun (RCIF): The freshman-majority in the class is a break from the same old people, and because they come back with stories very similar to my experiences last year.

5- Second Period: French (8:19-9:01). Another pretty easy class, considering I have quite a talent for the language. Although I don't take this class as seriously as I do other subjects, I probably should start cracking down, because I had a scary premonition last night that I wasn't going to get 1st place on the national French exam, and that's just not going to happen.
RCIF: The class clowns always crack jokes, and this teacher actually enjoys it.

6- Third Period: English (9:05-9:47). The first really demanding class of the day. I don't have much more to say about this class except that I really don't think my teacher is a good teacher.
RCIF: Although I don't like my teacher, she's pretty funny when it comes to handling the class clowns, and basically makes fun of them all class.

7- Fourth Period: Global History (9:51-10:33). My favorite class, because I really enjoy learning it, and if I don't turn out to be a doctor, I'll probably do something with history.
RCIF: It's supposed to be an honors class, but there are many girls in the class that have no common sense, and the airheaded questions they ask and comments they make provide a ton of entertainment. (Example: a girl once pronounced "Jacques" - the French name- like jackass)

8- Fifth Period: Math (10:37-11:19). I can't even begin to say how much this year has made me hate math. I simply detest it with every fiber of my being.
RCIF: The guy who sits next to me, because he is constantly making fun of my teacher and the airheaded girls with whom she chitchats with all period. Not a day goes by when he isn't counting the number of minutes she's actually teaching or making fun of the discussions that go on in class.

9- Sixth Period; Even Days: Health (11:23-12:05). Every other day, I have health sixth period, which is probably the second best class ever. Amazing discussions with the teacher, each other, and about other students, plus we don't really do a lot of learning, and I still have an A+ average. All that may not have been very cohesive, but there really aren't many words that can describe the greatness of Health.
RCIF: See entire paragraph above.

10- Sixth Period Odd Days/Seventh Period Every Day: Chem (11:23/12:09-12:51). Now we get to the best class of the day. Not only is it a class that I do really good in, but it's also the one academic class I have with my best friend, and the chemistry between the students and teacher is really great. We crack jokes, and just have a great time.
RCIF: See above.
(PS: If you caught it, that pun was intended)

11- Eighth Period: Italian (12:55-1:37). Although I'm really into languages, and I'm really good at them, this class just doesn't do it for me. The teacher, the kids that don't want to learn, the textbook that makes no sense, I just really don't like it.
RCIF: This is the only class that isn't fun.

12- Ninth Period Even Days: Gym (1:41-2:23). As with Health, I have Gym (or Physical Education) every other day. While I'm not the type of person that enjoys physical activity, we don't need to exert ourselves to pass the class, so it's not that bad.
RCIF: Five of my really good friends are in the class, plus other people that are fun to be around.

13- When I don't have Gym 9th period, I go to extra help, run fundraisers, do homework, or just chill in the cafeteria or a classroom until 9th period is over.

14- Between ninth period and bowling, there's a half hour span of time in which I hang out with the bowling people, get changed into match clothes, and get my stuff situated.

15- Bowling; one of the highlights of my day. Although many people don't consider it to be a sport, it's something that many people take very seriously, and, as my dad says, could be the difference between getting into a good college and..... not.
Bowling is one sport that's very different from other school sports, because the boys and girls aren't separated, and I come back from bowling with stories that are so much different than the ones my friends on girls only teams tell.
Depending on whether we have practice or a match, where practice is, and who we're bowling against at a match, I can get home anytime between 4:15 and 7:00.

16- After I get home, I usually eat dinner right away, or relax until dinner. After dinner is homework and studying. I watch my TV shows if they're on, take a shower, and finish my homework after if there's anything left. By the time I go to bed, it's around 10:45.

Then, its up again the next day at 5:50, and I do it all over again.


I wonder if anyone still checks back on this page anymore....

Since it's been a few months since I last posted, I really don't know how to start off this post. But, after reading the last few posts, I don't really think I have to write up to very high standards.

For those of you that don't listen to my podcast (of which there have been a few new episodes since my last post here), here's a brief synopsis of my life since the last post:

10/26-11/5 French Exchange Student stayed at my house
11/2 Italian Field Trip
11/6 Columbia Scholastic Press Association conference in the city (with Images, of which I am the head funraiser- not sure I mentioned this)
11/10-11/17 Deathly Ill (not really, but I sounded like it)
11/18 Got my wisdom teeth removed
11/18-11/22 Was unable to eat or chew because of said removal.
11/22 Beginning of Bowling Team (practice Mon/Wed, matches Tues/Thurs)
11/23 Turkey Day at my house
11/27-11/30 A generally busy week
12/1-12/2 Saw fall play at school twice, won the raffle on the second night.
12/4-Now Large crushes developed on two guys

Now, I didn't write much above about the month of December, because there weren't many hugely important things that happened, but all the little things combined made it a much better month than November. (I have come to the conclusion that November 2006 was my worst month ever.)

I feel like I have so much to say about the past month, but I can't think of how to format it or make it seem coherent and not a bundle of ramblings, so I'll just sign off now.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Hapy New Year, and all that jazz!!


oh me oh my

School is digging me and early grave.

It's been two weeks since I last posted, mostly due to the fact that school has been slowly but surely increasing my already at risk blood pressure by piling on the work and expecting me to do amazing. Coupled with the fact that the Mets have been just so stressful and heartwrenching to watch (and who are playing their series deciding game seven as I type), and that it's my "special time" of the month, and I've just been having a peachy time.

On the topic of my time of the month, I feel I should share something with you that may affect my health/well-being in the near future. I recenty switched brands of inserted absorbency products, and I figured that was the reason I was having troble getting them to be comfortable. However, when I was changing one today, I felt something odd down there. So, I reach down, and theres another string. I pull, and another absorbency oad comes out. I have no clue how I came to miss it, since I'm ususally so diligent with remembering to remove them, but I also have no idea how old it is. Was it from today? Tuesday? Last month?!?!? I really don't know, and this could have serious repercussions on my health. I don't want to get TSS!!

So let this be a reminder to you women, who are now probably all of my audience after this post: Don't EVER forget to check your status down there. It could just save your life.



school isn't exciting anymore

Holy moly, I haven't blogged in a week! Theres so much to talk about!

Let's see, where to begin.... How about with my three day weekend. I spent most of last weekend chilling, and did the usual stuff (bowling, homework, etc.), but it had three highlights:

1- Season premier of SNL, hosted by Dane Cook. It was hilarious, and those of you who didn't see it, I'm very sorry you missed out. And now you're never going to know why "liquid turkey sandwiches" and empty poland spring bottles are funny
2- Mallratting with my buds on Sunday night. I love going to the mall just for the sake of going to the mall. I did pick up a few things, but I really liked to just hang out with my friends.
3- Running with my friend. I know, it sounds crazy, right, but it was fun to hang, and I felt better about myself for actually going out and running and getting exercise just to get exercise.

Of course, starting with Prison Break on Monday, I've been watching my tv shows. In addition to PB, there's Heroes (my favorite story lines involve Hayden Panetierre, Milo Ventimiglia, and the Japanese guy, I think the characters name is Hir, how ironic), Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars, and Bones. House has gone on hiatus until November (maybe Halloween) because of baseball playoffs, but I'll be forgiving, since baseball's the only sport I really care about.

Tuesday and Wednesday were maybe the craziest days of this school year so far. Tuesday, I had to stay after school for mathletes, then had to study for to big tests and a quiz on Wednesday, and I almost had a panic (! at the disco- sorry, couldn't resist) attack. Then on Wednesday, I took said tests in math and chem, and said quiz in English. I got a 91 on the math (which is eh) and a 97 on english (which is ok, just because I should really get 100s on vocab and spelling). We also got a quiz back in French (100), and a composition back in English (B).

Now, I have a dilemma. My English teacher said we should come see her ninth period if we got less than a B+. But I got a B, do I really need to go see her? I think it's a little pointless, don't you?

Wednesday, I also had fall play auditions. My audition time: 4:40. School officially ends at like 3. So I had two hours, since of course auditions ran late, to do absolutely nothing, and be really nervous. Even my friends who do sports got home before me. And I found out today I didnt even get in the play (sadness). The one good part: I saw Steven with his shirt off. Hehe.


I'm the queen of segways.

You know yesterday, when I said I was going to beat a ten minute mile. Well, I kinda lied, I didn't beat a ten minute mile. But I came starkingly close: 10:21. And, you know how I joking said that the bet would be null and void if I passed out after the run. Well, I almost did. When I finished, I was kind of upset over not reaching my goal, and I already had some trouble breathing, so I went into, in my mind, a full blown asthma attack. My throat closed up and I was weezing and my chest hurt, and I seriously thought I was going to pass out. But I didn't, it's all good, except I still have to beat a ten minute mile. Maybe I'll time myself when I go running with my friend on Monday.

Speaking of Monday, we have a nice three day weekend because of the Jewish holiday Yom Kippur. Again, I don't quite know the full story about this holiday, but I know it's the holiest Jewish holiday and consists of fasting from sunrise to sunset. And, of course, people were complaining about having to fast on Monday (or Sunday, whenever they have to fast this weekend), and I thought like saying "What about the Muslims in our school (and around the world) that have to fast everyday for a whole MONTH." I have two friends that observe Ramadan (said fasting for a month), and I really don't know how they do it. I guess they're just used to it by now, after doing for a few years, but still, I applaud their dedication.

Also, speaking of my friend/running partner, I went to her volleyball game today. She's a starting sophomore on varsity, as is another one of our friends, and they did really well despite her having some "distractions" and a really bad ref. I'm glad I get to go to her games, because she doesn't really have very good self-esteem, and I'm glad I can help her feel better about herself by just showing up and cheering on the sidelines. Plus, it's just good to get out of the house, and it's a good social event. Now, I said distrastions in quotes before becasue she convinced her crush (for lack of a better word) to come to the game, and he was actually really attentive the time he was there. And I thought that was pretty cool. And it helped her confidence.

Speaking of social events, I've heard that Plainview has gained the reputation of a "party town" by other towns on Long Island. Well, if we have so many parties, how come I haven't been invited to any? My friend said that most of the parties are hosted by juniors and seniors, but still, I don't even hear about them. I guess that means they're pretty well kept secrets.

Oh, and the highlight of my day:

-We were talking about allotropes in chemistry (I know, I couldn't contain my excitement either), and she asked what common element besides carbon has allotropes. Well, I figured that oxygen is a pretty common element, why not guess that one, right. So, turns out I was right, and then she asked was the most common allotrope was, and somehow I pulled ozone out of my sponge brain, and everyone was amazed at my "intelligence", even Steven (wow, not only a rhyme, but the name of a tv show. I amaze even myself sometimes).

So yeah, on the whole (which always reminds me of Austin Powers: Goldmember), I'd say today was a good day.


why not?

Just felt like putting up a post with a few recent thoughts before I went to bed.

Firstly, I think I'm beginning to revert back to my more goth-ish hardcore days, when I wore black nail polish and was quasi-depressed. For the past few weeks, I've been noticing more and more my fascination for skulls and fleur di lis (which, for all you non hipsters is the new goth/hardcore symbol), and my squeamishness when watching Bones or House has been virtually nonexistant. Then today, I stumbled upon my old bottle of black nail polish, and I bet you can't guess what color my nails are. Hey, you're right! Also, I discovered my old skull and star black shoelaces, and put them on my black converse. However, I don't yet feel the need to wear all black baggy clothes with chains and write depressing poetry, so I'd say I'm safe for now.

Secondly, 've decided that 'm going to beat a ten minute mile tomorrow. And if anyone says I won't be able to do it, I'm prepared to bet them ten dollars. I am going to work into the deal that the bet becomes null and void if I collapse or faint at any time during the run. I'd say that being humiliated in front of the entire class, and having everyone talk about it afterwards would be enough of a punishment. But I really am going to do it. Mark my words, I'll probably be ten dollars richer this time tomorrow.


it's like the past few days in trail mix form

The past fews days in weird word blurbs which I will explain later:

1- This is what I want to know: how come we never hear the story about Little Red Riding Hood's Mother? What about her side of it? Standing on the doorstep, watching Little Red as she disappears round the bend into the dark woods. Heart beating, hands wringing, hyperventilating, completely powerless, frozen on the doorstep. What the hell was the matter with her? Letting her defenseless child walk through the woods by herself with a maniac wolf on the loose? She knew full well that forest was ful of wolves, and but she sent her out there with a basketful of bait! "Stay on the path", like that's going to save her. It's almost like she wanted Little Red out of the way. . . . Maybe she couldn't stand the pressure of living in the woods anymore, the isolation, doing nothing but baking cookies for her sick mother. And you never hear about that relationship. Why doesn'y she visit her sick mother herself? And where was Little Red's father? No one ever addresses that. And what about the woodcutter? A strange man in the woods with an axe. Why does everyone automatically trust him? It's a frightening story.

2- Uno due, dove il bue?
Tre, Quattro, Tutto fatto
Cinque, Sei, Que fa lei?
Sette, Otto, Il pollo e cotto
Nove, Dieci, Quanti greci?
Undici, Dodoci, Prezzi Modici
Tredici Quattordici, Niente Medici!
Quindici, Sedici, Attente alle Forbici!
Diciasette, Diciotto, Vinco al Loto!
Diciannove, Venti, Puisci i denti!

3- A- "The frisky, it went away..."
B- "'Cause did I mention that 'Rocket Gum' is bubble gum but nstead of blowing bubbles it releases helium that shoot the chewer into space?"

4- I'm really excited for bowling team.

OK, so I lost steam at the end, but #4 is as important, maybe even more important than #1. And speaking of #1, here's what that totally random passage about Little Red Riding Hood, and the others, means:

1- I've been toying with the idea of auditioning for the fall play for a while, and the other day, I commited to it. I've picked out a monologue, which is what #1 really is, and I've started to memorize it. I know I should be, but I'm not that optimistic about my chances of actually getting a part in the play, which is "And Then There Were None" (which is a totally cool play to do), but after my stunning defeat in last springs elections, I'm not really sure I'm that good at anything. Except for doing global homework: today my global teacher told me he's never seen homeworks as thorough as mine. And he said I'm one of the best students in class (I got a 93 on last weeks test!!). Wow, that paragraph went from monologues to academics in 3.2 seconds flat. Now you know what my thoughts in my head are like.

2- That stupid Italian rhyme/song thing. It's been in my head all day today and yesterday, and it just won't go away. Besides the point that the line for eleven and twelve always makes me thinkof pretzels, the little rhymes have nothing to do with anything. Seriously. Here's the "rhyme" in English:

One two, where's the bull?
Three four, all done.
Five six, what are you doing?
Seven eight, the chicken's cooked
Nine ten, so many Greeks!! (Im still trying to figure out whether this is racist or not)
Eleven twelve, moderate prices.
Thirteen fourteen, no doctor,
Fifteen sixteen, Careful with the scissors
Seventeen eighteen, I won the lottery
Nineteen twenty, Brush your teeth

Is that not the most mindless thing you've ever heard. [And please, if it isn't, please tell me what is the most mindless thing you've ever heard.]

3- Tuesday night is the best night of the week, especially this past Tuesday night. Why? Because two of the best shows on television are on:

A. House. I didn't get to watch the entire episode because of show B, but what I did see was pretty funny, and classic House. I want to be House when I grow up. Seriously, cane et al.

B. Gilmore Girls, and the season premier, no less. It was chock full o' drama, as usual, and was an amazing episode. It had plot twists and still retained the witty banter and quirkiness that we've all grown to love.

House is going on a break until Haloween because of baseball playoffs, but thats OK with me because I care about baseball [the Mets have really been pissing me off recently, but they are still in the playoffs] and it gives me more time to get DVR.

4- Bowling is by far my most favorite sport/pastime ever. And I'm pretty good at it. I'm not amazingly fabulous at it, no 300 games or anything, but I've still got a solid 115 average, which is more than most people can say. Plus it's fun. So of course I'm trying out for the bowling team, and I'm pretty sure I'll at least make JV. And once I do make it, it gives me the perfect chance to converse with my new target of affection, who's on the bowling team. Oh, what irony! And this is a guy who'll actually talk to me. I might have more than a one-in-a-million chance. So i'd say I'm very excited for bowling team.

Now, I've got a quiz in History tomorrow, and now that I've got a reputation to uphold, I should probably start studying.



I forgot a few things:

1- Today we had gym. Normally I simply find gym unpleaseant, but today, I was especially dreading it because our mile "runs" were being timed. I did, however, decide I would put some effort into it, seeing as I would have to do it one way or another. And you know what my time was? 11:27!!!! That's as good as it was in fifth grade, when I was (probably) in better shape than I am now. And, thats the only grade I can remember my time from, so it's really all I have to compare it with. But still, I'm very proud.

2- I need a better position to do my laptop stuff on, leaning agaisnt the wall from my bed is killing my back. Any suggestions on another position (beside using a desk)?

That all (again)

some truly amazing revelations (and metaphors)

I was just about to go to bed, when I realized that I hadn't posted today or yesterday, and I don't want my three readers to think I've quit on them already, so here I am!!

I was just doing a little "meditation and reflection" on some things, you know, mulling over past events, and I realized something. I think I'm only smart because my brain has retained its childhood spongeyness way past the time its suppossed to. And because of this, I have the extraordinary ability to remember things. Not important things, like remembering to bring in projects when they're due, because that's not fun enough. I remember things like the French motto (liberte, egalite, franernite [pronounced: lee bear TAY, AY gah lee TAY, fra, tear nee TAY]) , and like trivial facts. However, when I pull out one of these randoms facts from my knowledge pond, people are amazed that I'm so "smart". But, I'm really not.

There's a downside to the brain-sponge thing though: I need to be given water to absorb. If my teachers don't sprinkle me with some quenching information during class, I'm absolutely useless. And that's why I'm going to fail English this year. Besides the fact that my teacher can't teach, she makes us do ALL the work. She puts us in groups, telss us to do the packet/sheet, and that we have a quiz on it in two days. And then she makes the lovely announcement that her Unit Test on this book is a killer. Great, not only does she refuse to teach, she spends all the extra time she has from not teavhing and channles it into making an absolutely impossible test. I'm going to have so much fun.

On a lighter note: I know I didn't fail the global test, because I got a 68 out of 70 on the first 2 parts. YAY!! Hopefully we'll get the full grades back tomorrow.

Well, It's getting late, and I should get some good shut eye afore scuola tomorrow.


If I lie in church, does that mean I'm going to hell?

I think today was a close to perfect Saturday, and that's saying something.

I woke up at 8:30, which is totally sleeping in considering I get up most days before 6AM. My morning tea was ready for me, which is another treat since I'm usually the first person awake and have to make my own. I got to watch TV, read this week's TV Guide, and I found my old elementary school yearbook. Which brings me to my first big topic of this blog.

I moved to my current town after "graduating" from elementary school. I might as well mention that in elementary school, I may not have been the most popular girl, but I was the best singer, as much as one can be when one's ten years old, and I was also the smartest kid. I won almost all the awards, and I was pretty full of myself. As you could probably tell from yesteday's post, I'm still pretty smart. The difference between then and now: now there are eople who are smarter than me. I don't even think I could be valedictorian, like I thought when I was ten. I didn't get ANY awards for last school year, which really pissed me off (I had a 100 average the last quarter of global, even my global teacher says she hardly ever gives out any 100s, and still no award?! B---s--t, thats what it was.)

Besides making me very nostalgic, the yearbook also sparked two ideas in my head:

1. I'd really love it if one of my old friends from my old school would move to my town. It would be great to teach them the ways of the school and help them assimilate into our culture, because they'd need a lot of advice. True, the towns are right next to each other, but they might as well be in two different countries for all the differences they have. I don't even have too much to say about it, except I'd like to kind of have the whole moving-thing come full circle: leaving them and having to assimilate, then having one of them come here and teaching them what I did. It'd be really cool.

2. I'd like to go back and visit my old school and my old teachers. I know it's been over four years since I've last seen them, but I'd like to see if they remember me, and to see how much they've changed, how much the school's changed, and how little the kids there are. And I hope they'd like to see how much I've changed and grown, and to tell them that I'm still smart, and that they taught me well.

Phew, now that I'm all done being nostalgic and all, I have an issue I'd like to share.

My friend has invited me to accompany her to her church tomorrow for "Friends Day". I told her I'd come, and I spent a while picking ot an outfit that seems appropriate for such a venue. But, the issue is: I haven't been to church in over three years, after my parents, and effectively my brother and I, stopped going to church because they felt that the churchs' teachings "strayed too far from the word of the Bible". I, persoanlly, think they're being brainwashed by a Christain Fellowship Radio Station, and I choose not to follow any religion specifically. My parents don't know this, because being the religious people they are, they'd flip a sh*t and say I'm being brainwashed by the "anti-Christian" podcasts I listen to if I told them. So, I'm posed with this problem: what do I do at church? I don't want to be disrespctful to the church members, but I also don't want to tell them that I don't believe in their religion and that my family doesn't go to church. I'm trying to come up with a good line to feed to people if they ask me about my relgious tendencies or if I go to church, but all I can come up with is:

-My family isn't very religious, I'm just seeing what church is like.
-We study the Bible and pray at home, we find it allows us to be more intimate with the Word of God (shoot, I just totally pulled that out of my *ss, and it sounds genius! maybe I'll really use it....)

My dad said, if worse comes to worst, I can say I'm Jewish, but I don't think that's right to say. I really hope there will be a lot of other friends there, so their attention will be turned elsewhere.

Wish me luck!



Well, I'd say today deserves more than a tgif. Today was a tgiff day: thank goodness it's FINALLY Friday. Yes, there were some fun periods, but the whle day was pretty much ruined by the horrible test taking experience I had fourth period.

I know I said the same thing about my math test only a few short days ago, and look how that turned out, right? Well, math and global history are very different, as you may or may not already know, especially when it comes to being tested on them. With math, you either know it or you don't, you understand the problem or you don't, it's right or it's wrong, et cetera, et cetera. In global, however, you might remember some stuff about a monarch, but not the rest. You know all the countries involved in a war, but you're not sure what side one of them took, et cetera, et cetera. That was exactly me when I took this test. I was second-guessing half of the stuff I was wrting inmy essay, and I was only sure about 75% of my answers for the multiple choice. So yeah, I'm worried that this might really be my first failing test grade. Man, that would suck.

And yes, I've never failed a test in my entire life. Nothing. And now that I know that my grades are more important now than ever, I'm just waiting and dreading that day when I look down and see that 50 or 60 or (most probably, and worst of all) 64 staringback at me. And I will cry. I know I will, right in the midlle of class, and it'll be one of the worst days of my life. I'm tearing up just thinking about it. That first failing test will suck.

And, that failing tesyt grade doesn't just go away, it ruins your average for the quarter, and for the year. Because that test will probably get me my first (save one, in 4th grade) non-A, or, now that I'm in high school, below 90, grade on a report card. And that would suck even more.

And that grade in 4th grade was a B+, so I don't even think it really counts.

I seem to really like to start my paragraphs with "and", probably because I only make paragraphs so that this isn't just one big chunk of text, but is still one giant thought train of mine, and the cars need to be connected somehow.

Well, now that the academic crises (present and future), are out of the way, lets get into figuring ot how to interpret signals you think you may be recieveing from members of the opposite sex. In laymen's terms (for those of you who aren't in the clergy), that means: how to tell when they are flirting with me, for I, being a naive and inexperienced young woman, can't tell. I really can't. I may think that someone (preferably some guy), is flirting with me, and then I see him talking and hanging out with other girs, and I get confused. So, if any of you feel that you have some useful info or advice, please e-mail me or leave a comment.

Oh, and if you understoof the clergy reference in the last paragraph, you are officially as nerdy as I am.

I have the feeling I wanted to watch a TV show tonight, but I can't for the life of me remember what it is. I'll have to check that out later.

OK, my brain just farted, and I have nothing else to share with you all for tonight.


we should've had the fruit salad!!

Fuck iTunes 7 and it's weird interface, because its fucking with my iPod. I hate it, my iPod's all screwy, and I apologize for cursing, this will be one of the rare times I use them.

I had planned on listening to a podcast while I fall asleep, but iTunes 7 did some wacky thing with my iPod and now I have no podcasts on there. So I guess I'll have to figure that out tomorrow. Which, by the way, is Friday, and Rosh Hashanah, therefore I'll probably have no homework tomorrow. For those of you unfamiliar with Rosh Hashanah, it's the Jewish New Year, a fun holiday, where all you do is pray and suffer through endless visits from relatives, which you can't escape by saying you have to do work, becase you're not allowed to do any work. At least that's what it is to my understanding, being a total WASP in this upper middle class primarily Jewish town of mine.

Well, before I get too tired to type, I thought I should give you a little sports center recap of my day, you know, going from the big hit to big hit and skipping the five innings between.

I had about the bes paper fight in the history of paper fights in health today. I'm not sure who tarted it, but it was my friend and I against this (kinda) cute guy in our class, and when our eacher wasn't paying attention, it went balls to the walls. Literally. The paper balls were bouncing, for lack of a better word, around the room, and when all was said and done I don't think there was really a clear winner. However, while we were waiting for tehe bell to ring, Steven turns around and asks me to throw him the one remaining paper ball. I thought he was just gonna throw it back at me or at my friend, but instead he says "can you believe this? they're still throwing them at me!!"

Yes, I'll admit it, he duped me, but you know what they say; "fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me." So, shame on you Steven. Shame on you, and you'll never trick me again.

I was once again humiliated today, but this time it wasn't in French, it was in gym. We had just gotten on the track for class, and were going through our first exercise, a 20 yard karaoke (don't ask, its hard to explain, but its a fancy foot move thing), and I did it fine, but when I got o the "finish line", I tripped (probably over air), and got really scraped up from the track. I went into the nurses office, and she cleaned me up ok. My knees still kind of hurt, but the real injury was the below-the-belt hit to my ego, since I fell right in front of this group of popular girls, most of whom really intimidate and scare me.

But I didn't have to jog a mile, and thats all that counts, right?

Tonight was also back to school night, when all the parents get to meet their kids teachers and get lost in the school. It's also a big fundraising event for the clubs and organizations in school, and I helped to man the table for "my club, Images, the art and literary magazine (I say "my" club, only because its currently the only one I'm involved in). There was a lot of competetion for these people's money, let me tell you. Almost everyone was selling water or beverages, the cheerleaders had homemade baked goods, the gay rights club/SADD had chocolate fondue, with pineapples and strawberries and everything, and we're sitting there with our pre-packaged bags of M&Ms and crunchy processed snacks. We faired pretty well (we raised over $200 in one night), but only because we were desperate for business. We shouted our selling points:

-"Please, support Images, our school's art and literary magazine."
-"We've got ice cold drinks and snacks for only one dollar!!"
-"Be a patron of the arts and support our magazine, where we publish your students work."

And so on and so forth. But at least it was fun.

My bed is calling me, it wants me, I must take my leave.


not 69, but...

Warning, what you might be abaout to read contains serous whining and complaining from a spoiled white girl. If this is too much for your fragile heart to handle, you shouldn't be reading this blog.

Question: How is it 7 PM already?! I've been going and going non-stop all day, and I'm still not done. HELP!!

My day began by being publicly embarassed by my French teacher. Apparantly, she just cannot contain her amazement that she has a student that's actually good at French, and can't et a day go by without telling the class that I should "just skip to AP", and "of course you came up with an original sentence". All before nine in the morning!

I had about an hour and a half of a break from the insanity, during which time I got to eat my hummus and turkey sandwich and goldfish in global, before enduring a greuling math test 5th period. It was horrible. All of the questions were hard, but I got through most of them OK. But, there was that one question (you know, there's always that one question...) that just boggled my mind. Since when is x-squared -3x-15 factorable? I did the best I could, and had to hand it in after struggling with it all period. But that's not the end of the story, my friends. We'll come back to it a little later.

Onto double chem after that, which in itself is not that great of a thing, but on top of everyting else just made my day. Staying extra late after school for a club meeting, and volunteering myself to work at a fundraiser tomorrow night at school were followed by waiting twenty minutes fo my bus, and, after all's said and done, I don't get home until 4PM. Then I had to do my chore, which consists of unloading the dishwasher and my brother's chore, feeding my dog.

Then straight upstairs to do homework: outlining a chapter for global, geometric proofs for math, math problems for chem (go figure...), and two posters for health and italian. During my internet search for pictures for said posters, I got an e-mail from my math teacher, whos uses an online gradebook. That's right: my test grade! Nervously, I clicked on the link and entered my password. I glanced through semi-closed eyes and saw...............

96! All that worrying and complaining for nothing. I told you this story would have a happy ending!

What's that, I never told you it would have a happy ending? Well, it does!

Here's a little gem I found in my PalmerCash.com newsletter:

White and Nerdy


a little too serious for the "second" post

It seems now, mere hours after I've made the decision to become a dedicated blogger, and not a dedicated podcaster, that I'm becoming obsessed, feeling that every little minute detail of my life or thought passing through my head is important for my readers and devoted fans (all three of us) to know. I'll spare you the gory facts and unpleasentries of my life , but there is one thing I'd like to share.

As you (should) know, I'm a teenage girl. I don't care if you harass me, because none of y'all know who I am or where I live, and that is simply because of the fact that I am a teenage girl.

Now, keeping in mind that I am a teenage girl, and that teenage girls have all sorts of hormones running through their arteries and veins at any point in time, I say with great difficulty that I have never had a relationship of intimacy with a member of the opposite species. Nor have I ever "hooked up", nor had any "friends-with-benefits". I know you're asking yourself, what's wrong with this girl? Don't worry, I'll get to it.

So, I see all these girls with boyfriends (even an acquaintance of mine whom I thought still believed all boys had "cooties", for lack of a better word), and I think to myself, what do these girls have that I don't. Then I had an epiphany of sorts (even though I sort of knew all this already). It's not what I don't have, but it's what they don't have (besides 40 or so extra pounds).

They don't have a debilitating social phobia, like moi. They don't get sweaty and anxious walking through the halls at school, their pulses don't race when someone looks at them slightly funny or when a teacher calls on them in class. They don't readjust their shirt 20 times in class because they think some or another thing is just a wee bit off-kilter. They have more than a few friends and acquaintances, and they don't just stay silent all day because they're afraid of saying what they've gone over and rephrased twenty times over in their head. Their OK. And I'm not. And that's something you should know.

It's a love, hate relationship

After recovering from a relapse of podfade, I have decided that podcasting is just not my schtick anymore. I know I said I'd try not to end up like Zee and Zed, but what can I say, blogging is a lot easier (because everyone knows I'm a total lazy-bum) and it's more convenient to do on my laptop, and it lets me work on stuff in a few sessions of a few minutes at a time, instead of devoting myself to an hour to do a show. I have recorded two episodes, and I will try to post them, even thought they're from a month ago, because I feel its my duty to deliver them from you, plus I don't want all that work to be for nothing.

So, I'm not gonna catch the blog up or anything, I'm just gonna start up with myself, right here and now. Well, maybe just a little background from the beginning of the month (since school started):
-I'm 15, in tenth grade at POBJFKHS
I guess that's all the background you need. So, right into it.

Things I Love

School stinks, and I'm officially not excited about it anymore. Too much work, crowded hallways, having to stay extra-specially late after school, not having a lunch period, it's all too much.

The only thing I do like, even love, about school is history. We're learning about sixteenth, seventeenth, and eighteenth century absolute monarchs in Europe. And I LOVE IT!!! Everyone is mopy and complaining, and I'm basking in the glory of the Peace of Westphalia and the thirty years war, absorbing every little detail about Louis XIV, Ivan the Terrible, the Bourbons and the Hapsburgs, and Frederick the Great. It's amazing. And that's why I'm a history nerd.

Plus global is my "lunch period", so that's just one more thing to look forward too.

I'd love to write a memoir. I have no reasonable explaination for this urge, but it's growing insatiable, and I hope blogging will get me on my way, allowing me to develop and hone my story telling skills (and to bide the time until I have real stories to tell), so that when I'm ready to begin my book, I'll be a veritable raconteur.

I've been waiting for a chance to slip that word into casual conversation.

I love ice cream. My dream flavor: peanut butter, cookie dough, cake batter, caramel, chocolate chips, chocolate chunks, and fudge stripes, in brown sugar vanilla ice cream. I've got no clue what I would call it, except for artery clogging goodness.

I love House. Well, I used to love House, it's kind of lost it's glamour and excitement, that je ne sais quoi. And although I still want to be House, and although House still has his charm, the medical stuff has gone down the tubes. And that's really the meat of the show, is it not? So, I guess when Gilmore Girls premeires next week, I won't be so torn as to which show to watch after all.

One Thing I Hate

My Hair. It's frizzy when I want it to be flat, flat when i want it thicker, stays wavy no matter how many times I run it through the straightener, and when it's humid outside, forget about it. And I spend hours trying to figure out new hairstyles, only to wind up with the same one I had when I started.

Sorry, just needed to vent a tad.

Oh, and if anything in this post is gramtically incorrect, or just spelled wrong tell me. I won't be offended.


Istanbul, not Constantinople, happy 76th

Ok, this is too freaky not to talk about. Everytime we study something in history, it comes up on my daily "On this day..." e-mail. So, the latest one: we just finished the Byzantines and Constantinople last week. Today is the 76 anniversary of Constantinople's official change to Istanbul. Too weird!

So Busy!!

Hey guys, I have seriously NO TIME to post today besides for now, maybe later at like 10. But besides for then, I won't be here.